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    synge.maths.tcd.ie FTP server (Version wu-2.6.1(5) Wed Oct 30 16:23:37 GMT 2002)
    Welcome to ftp.maths.tcd.ie (from pD9E418EB.dip.t-dialin.net)
    This is an FTP server running at the School of Maths,
    Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
    Local time is: Fri Aug 29 11:58:52 2003.  You are user 2/5.
    Our Image and Music archive are now closed, as there are other
    better services available on the web. Google should be able to
    provide pointers.
    If have any unusual problems, please e-mail archive@maths.tcd.ie.
    Please read the README:  this FTP server has several extra
    abilities, such as taring, gziping, bzipping and checksmming.
    If you do have problems, please try using a dash (-) as the
    first character of your password -- this will turn off the
    continuation messages that may be confusing your ftp client.
    * All transfers are logged with your host name and email address.*
    * If you don't like this policy, disconnect now!                 *
    Please read the file README
      it was last modified on Sun Apr  6 15:19:24 2003 - 145 days ago
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