Public FTP Server List | FTP Sites List: The list of all the Best Anonymous FTP Sites that extensively used on the Internet various purposes. An FTP Site hosted anywhere gives credentials or else use Anonymous logins. If you are looking for educational purpose, then the below-hosted sites are of great value. Here are some of the cool FTP Sites for music, software, and games.

FTP Sites

Anonymous FTP Sites

Domain NamesTotal No. of FTP SitesTotal No. of FilesTotal Size
ac276,62310.89 GB
ai1352212.59 MB
ar2168,00225.34 GB
at33746,963278.30 GB
au812,001,058981.99 GB
be304,854,8921.82 TB
bg3393473.37 MB
br261,649,441334.31 GB
by213,4873.40 GB
ca861,211,927460.48 GB
cc35,2584.53 GB
ch36721,805527.48 GB
cl9844,790344.08 GB
cn8457,039130.84 GB
com1,1627,746,7074.99 TB
cr1361,35263.22 GB
cx11,262370.94 MB
cz404,138,5851.92 TB
de44329,896,22213.19 TB
dk341,169,100498.28 GB
edu43918,166,9126.33 TB
ee1341,252,886579.85 GB
es334,101,7031.90 TB
fi22541,568126.67 GB
fr1358,155,1802.80 TB
ge15973.59 MB
gov42745,050272.23 GB
gr103,696,8711.16 TB
hk61,303,833442.74 GB
hr4619,673219.26 GB
hu261,273,061687.23 GB
id1131,31333.18 GB
ie105,324,1191.77 TB
il5339,563136.22 GB
in136,9269.36 GB
info211170.93 MB
int18135.68 MB
is112,577,360912.86 GB
it534,275,2411.81 TB
jp8513,961,1273.55 TB
kg13,23612.77 GB
kr51,123,866399.07 GB
kz51,63714.26 GB
lt672,86138.87 GB
lu13976.13 KB
lv555,67234.41 GB
mil6215,512188.55 GB
mx1104,0536.14 GB
my128,06417.65 GB
net33519,749,3517.70 TB
ni13364.70 GB
nl1059,417,8023.30 TB
no461,789,723547.07 GB
nu62,005692.67 MB
nz13552,882243.39 GB
org55762,939,46918.34 TB
pl11215,389,0225.57 TB
pt155,005,9611.34 TB
ro7601,812244.41 GB
ru8786,549,3171.92 TB
sa1582,413205.92 GB
se702,786,0141.07 TB
sg5377,113100.05 GB
si1459,872195.66 GB
sk91,085,727478.93 GB
su28394,335156.79 GB
th17691,964497.31 GB
tk18632.16 GB
tr6538,323343.45 GB
tv1112.37 MB
tw293,412,1642.72 TB
ua69644,749143.30 GB
uk2111,857,399902.76 GB
us252,74814.29 GB
ve137,59815.92 GB
ws26331.60 GB
yu2258503.86 MB
za8405,145165.15 GB