CuteFTP FTP Client: There are several file transferring protocol clients available for the WordPress site and in which CuteFTP FTP Client is one popular client software. The FTP client is available as a trial and paid version for Windows and Mac OS. The software is distributed and supported by GlobalSCAPE. With CuteFTP, the user can transfer the files between any client computers and FTP servers. The FTP client software can also transfer files of any size, any type, including the web pages, multimedia files, software, or other documents to and from a file transfer server over FTP. CuteFTP Client will transfer data files securely and reliably over the industry standard protocols including FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH. It is the best FTP client for those who are in need of ultimate power, performance, and security. Cute FTP also transfers the files over FTP (FTP over SSL/TLS).

CuteFTP FTP Client

CuteFTP FTP Client

Earlier there were two CuteFTP client versions such as CuteFTP Home and CuteFTP Pro. Cute FTP Home is designed for home or casual users. It enables the user to update the Web site, upload auction images, download game patches and more. Cute FTP Pro works for businesses and professionals who need access to all the industry-standard protocols such as FTP, FTPS, SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS. It also has the supports OpenPGP support, automation, passport management, macros, and other advanced features. At present, CuteFTP version 9 features the consolidation of  CuteFTP Lite, Home, and Pro. It is consolidated into one, powerful FTP client that has all the power and security.

CuteFTP is easy-to-use, yet it has powerful features that transfer files efficiently. With this FTP client, you can schedule for fast and fully-automated transfers. The client software does a secure backup, and it reliably synchronises all your sites. The user-friendly interface of the FTP client will allow you to update and maintain all the sophisticated websites efficiently. Transfer files by the multipart transfer and simultaneous connections with the CuteFTP. Manage and keep all your Web site with the built-in HTML editor, folder synchronization, site backup, folder monitor, and compression tools. It will also let you schedule, automate, and prioritize the file transfers via a transmission queue.

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Features of CuteFTP FTP Client

1. CuteFTP has the following protocol support like FTP, FTPS (SSL), HTTP, HTTPS (SSL), SFTP (SSH2). It also transfers FTP files over SSL/TLS protocol.

2. Transfer web pages, multimedia files, documents to and from a file transfer server over the standard file transferring protocol called FTP.

3. You can just drag and drop the files to perform the transferring as it is the fast and easy movement. Perform up to 100 concurrent transfers quickly with CuteFTP.

4. The user-friendly interface of the CuteFTP client will let you update and maintain the sophisticated websites quickly.

5. With an integrated color-coded HTML editor of CuteFTP, you can create, open, or edit any HTML documents on your computer or the remote server.

6. CuteFTP also has the support for the UNICODE Character Set, UTF-8 character set throughout the product for the non-English characters.

7. Easily monitor all the local folders for changes with the CuteFTP. You can create labor, time-saving scripts, macros, podcast RSS feeds and even manage the audio files.

8. The CuteFTP client has the support for OpenPGP encryption, One Time Password authentication protocol, and a password manager that helps you work securely with multiple remote sites at once.

9. TappIn is a Secure Mobile File Sharing Application with which the user can securely access and share files from your computer to any other device.

10. Schedule fast, get fully-automated file transfers, backup safely or synchronise your sites quickly with the CuteFTP client.

11. You can create the Podcast RSS feeds and even manage the audio files. Get connected to new sites in a snap with the step-by-step wizards.

12. Securely work with the multiple remote sites at one time with the CuteFTP. You can view the thumbnails of the remote images smoothly.

13. CuteFTP version 9 has the support for the WebDAV protocol with which the user gets the additional possible endpoints for file transfer.

Screenshots of CuteFTP FTP Client

CuteFTP FTP Client

CuteFTP Client

CuteFTP FTP Client

CuteFTP FTP Client

CuteFTP FTP Client

CuteFTP Client

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