FTP Clients for WordPress: FTP has played a huge role ever since the launch of WordPress on 2013. The open source content management system has rolled out many new features and functionalities as updates. WordPress is currently supporting more than 60 million websites and is the most widely used blogging system or website management tool. About to reach a decade and a half, WordPress has crossed many milestones and thus brought enhanced security and user-experience. Despite these improvements, WordPress site still needs enrichments in its dashboard. It is so because the server doesn’t let its user access the files directly. That’s how FTP client plays a major part in the most popular blogging site. The FTP Clients for WordPress are available in vast number online. All the modern desktop platform like Mac OS, Windows OS and Linux OS with WordPress account gets the support of the FTP clients.

FTP Clients for WordPress

FTP Clients for WordPress

Although WordPress extends some file management features, it doesn’t permit you to access your files directly from your server. So this direct access requires an FTP connection which is made possible by installing an FTP client. To manage your WordPress site, one has to access the files stored on the server. FTP client is used for this purpose with which transferring of files takes place between networks. Get into the article to find out what is FTP client, how does it relate to WordPress and know best available FTP Clients for WordPress.

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What is An FTP Client & How Does It Relate To WordPress

WordPress can be worked under two ways. One way is by using the file manager provided by your hosts like cPanel, DirectAdmin, or Plesk. The other way is by using FTP clients, one among the oldest protocol that is supporting the Internet. FTP is otherwise termed as File Transfer Protocol which acts as a bridge between your computer and your web server and thus allows you to transfer files. The easiest way to use FTP is to have FTP client. Using an FTP client, the user can upload, download, and manage files on the server.

A File Transfer Protocol client or an FTP client is a software utility tool that establishes a connection between any host computer and a remote server, which is typically an FTP server. An FTP client based on a client-server architecture, where the host computer acts as the client and the remote FTP server acts as the central server. An FTP client provides the bi-directional transfer of files and data between two computers over an Internet connection or a TCP network. An FTP client connects to the FTP server by specifying the username, password, domain address, and IP address of that server. Once after the authentication given by the user, communication will be established between both the client and server.

So you will get a question what would be the link between FTP Client and the WordPress is. For which the answer is straightforward. Before a decade, WordPress installation on the server had been done by only one method. For that installation, the user needs to download the software on the computer, upload it to the server using an FTP, and finally, WordPress will be configured. In the same way, to add themes and plugins to the WordPress site, one had to upload them via FTP only. But now all these long-step processes were made simple with the one-click installer and in-dashboard plugin/theme management.

Even after so much of development, FTP Client is still beneficial to the WordPress site users as it provides them extra control over the files on their server. Also, to perform some bulk operations, FTP Client is the best platform. There are lots of free and paid versions of FTP Clients available, and it is indeed to check for some features. So make sure if your preferred FTP Clients has clear user-interface, ability to perform automatic operations, support for a secure transfer like FTPS or SFTP, provides safe account storage and functionality to work with the cloud storage.

Make sure to create FTP account prior using the FTP Client.

Best FTP Clients for WordPress

To manage the WordPress site and the files stored on the server, one must have to use any FTP client as it is the user interface that transfers files between the networks.

The FTP Clients are available in both paid and free versions that support different operating systems and platforms. There are several free FTP clients available with lots of functionality. However, some advanced features are only accessible from the premium paid versions only. Each one of them has an easy to use interface and additional features which let you edit the WordPress files quickly and easily. File transferring to the WordPress would never be so simple without the FTP Clients. Both free and paid FTP clients listings are provided and are discussed along with its features in this article. Get into to know them in detail.

1. WinSCP FTP Client

FTP Clients for WordPress

WinSCP FTP Client for WordPress

WinSCP FTP Client is otherwise termed as Windows Secure Copy is a lightweight and powerful free FTP client for WordPress working on Windows platform. It is the most straightforward and reliable FTP client for WordPress that supports advanced features such as synchronised browsing feature and remote text editing. The user-interface of WinSCP is simple as it lets the user to simultaneously view the files stored on the computer on the left side, and on the right side, it displays files stored on the server side. To upload, download or edit, just click on file. It also integrates with the Windows folders, so the user can easily drag files or folders directly from the Windows to your web server.

Features of WinSCP FTP Client:

  • WinSCP supports FTP, SFTP, SCP, and WebDAV protocols.
  • Integrated or built-in text editor.
  • Portable installation.
  • WinSCP has two clean interfaces.
  • Semi and fully automatic directory synchronisation.

Platform Support: Windows OS.

Price: Free.

2. FileZilla FTP Client

FTP Clients for WordPress

FTP Client for WordPress

FileZilla FTP Client is one another popular open-source, free FTP clients for WordPress working on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. It is the one most easy-to-use FTP client for the WordPress installation. The support for resume and transfer of files greater than 4GB are some added advantage which made FileZilla stand out among others. If you are uploading large files probably if it is more than 4GB, then the best option is to choose FileZilla FTP client. It has come up with an extensive client and server side documentation such that to help the new users to find things quickly. It is the fast, full-featured and reliable FTP client that helps in building your home FTP. Note that you must uncheck the box during the installation to opt-out from the adware.

Features of FTP Client:

  • FileZilla supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS protocols.
  • Tabbed interface to get multiple connections.
  • Customizable transfer speed limits.
  • Synchronised directory browsing and directory comparisons.
  • FileZilla supports drag-and-drop features.
  • Site Manager with transfer queue.
  • Filename filters and remote file search/editing.
  • Cross-platform support.

Platform Support: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Price: Free.

3. Cyberduck FTP Client

FTP Clients for WordPress

Cyberduck FTP Client for WordPress

Cyberduck FTP Client is an open-source, free FTP clients for WordPress working on Windows, Mac platforms. It is incredibly easy to use and is suitable for the beginners as well as the advanced users. It has some advanced features, and that distinguish the Cyberduck from other free FTP clients. The user interface of the client makes browsing, managing your files and transfer the files super easy. Select your preferred code editor and open the files for editing it with the click of a button. The user can distribute the content in the cloud. Cyberduck supports the Mac features like storing your login credentials in the keychain and discovering files in finder.

Features of FTP Client:

  • Cyberduck supports WebDAV, FTP, and SFTP protocols.
  • It supports bookmarking of visited servers, secure browsing, and synchronisation.
  • Cyberduck provides integration with your favourite text editor.
  • Advanced SSH support, bolstering authentication and security.
  • Cloud storage integration.
  • Super-fast FTP core.

Platform Support: Windows and Mac.

Price: Free.

4. FireFTP Client

FTP Clients for WordPress

FireFTP Client for WordPress

FireFTP is an extension of the modern internet browser Mozilla Firefox. It is an open-source WordPress free FTP clients for WordPress sites working on Windows, Mac, Linux platforms that work only on Firefox browser. The FireFTP plugin runs smoothly with your Firefox browser, and it also has a seamless drag and drops feature. If there is any disconnection during the file transferring process, then the FireFTP will automatically resume it.

Features of FireFTP Client:

  • FireFTP supports FTP, SSL, TLS, and SFP protocols.
  • Directory synchronisation and comparison.
  • Automatic transfer reconnects or resume.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop, file search, and filtering.
  • FireFTP has timestamp synchronisation, compression, and remote editing features.
  • FireFTP works seamlessly in the Firefox browser.

Platform Support: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Price: Free.

5. FreeFTP Client

FTP Clients for WordPress

FreeFTP Client for WordPress

FreeFTP is one another free FTP clients for WordPress working on Windows platform developed by CoffeeCup Software, and it functions the same as its name. It is one of the most popular WordPress FTP clients with a beginner-friendly interface. It is quite easy to use as the interface has a dedicated pane for tracking the FTP activity. It has support for bookmarking functionality including the combo bookmarks. There is a paid version available in the FreeFTP and is called as the Direct FTP. It includes some added features like the code editor, image viewer, autocompletion, etc.

Features of FreeFTP Client:

  • FreeFTP supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and HTTP protocols.
  • Elegant bookmarking functionality, plus combo bookmarks.
  • File tracking lets you never misplace any relevant file.
  • One click website backup.
  • Supports drag-and-drop.
  • History feature that never let you forget where you have stored the file.

Platform Support: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Price: Free and Paid version is available for $39.

6. CuteFTP Client

FTP Clients for WordPress

CuteFTP Client for WordPress

CuteFTP is another great paid FTP clients for WordPress sites. It is compatible with on both Windows and Mac platforms but has different pricing range for both. It is one of the most reliable FTP clients and one of the most secure one too. It provides all the essential features that are available on any free FTP clients. However, it has some added features which made it come under premium price tag. The latest version of CuteFTP has included the Lite, Home, and Pro versions packed into one and thus all the CuteFTP features are collected under one roof.

Features of CuteFTP Client:

  • CuteFTP has support for a wide range of protocols like FTP/S, HTTP/S, and SFTP.
  • TappIn, a Windows-only feature that lets you share the files between the computers and mobile or tablet devices.
  • Drag-and-drop, supporting up to 100 simultaneous transfers.
  • Built-in text editor for seamless file editing.
  • Automatically creates the podcast feeds.
  • Manages the audio files that you have upload.
  • Advanced password manager and authentication protocol.

Platform Support: Windows and Mac.

Price: Paid version. Free trial for 30 days. $59.99 for Windows OS  and $39.99 for Mac OS.

7. TransmitFTP Client

FTP Clients for WordPress

Transmit FTP Client for WordPress

Transmit FTP is one among a paid Mac-only FTP clients for WordPress sites. It is the most popular shareware FTP client specifically among the web developers. It has all the usual features like remote file editing, folder sync, and Dashboard widget. Also, it has come with incredibly powerful features as it is a paid version and that includes disk feature, folder syncing, and higher speeds. Transmit 4 is the latest version which is so fast and is 25 times faster than its previous version.

Features of TransmitFTP Client:

  • Transmit FTP client supports FTP, SFTP, and Amazon S3 Cloud transfers.
  • A stylish and intuitive UI.
  • It supports bandwidth throttling.
  • Drag-and-drop options and inline previews support.
  • Multi-connection transfers make it super-easy to transfer files in bulk.
  • Advanced server preferences.
  • Server-to-server transfers.
  • Friendly file sync, folder linking, twin progress bar, improving navigation significantly.

Platform Support: Mac.

Price: Paid version. A free trail for 7 days. It costs $34.

8. SmartFTP Client

FTP Clients for WordPress

SmartFTP Client for WordPress

SmartFTP was formerly a free FTP client and has now moved up to the premium platform. It is one among a paid FTP Clients for WordPress that is used to transfer the files between the local computer and a server on the Internet. It has many basic as well as advanced Features. It also provides secure, reliable and efficient transfers and all these made it as a powerful tool.

Features of SmartFTP Client:

  • SmartFTP supports basic protocols like FTP, SFTP, and FTPS.
  • Connect to WebDAV, Google Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive, and  Backblaze B2.
  • Get an integrated editor, thumbnail previews, and visual compare features.
  • Auto reconnects or resumes transfer along with multi-connection transfers support.
  • Store passwords with the LastPass, 1Password or KeePass Password Safe.
  • It supports bulk file rename and custom commands.

Platform Support: Windows.

Price: Paid version. Price starts at $69.95. Enterprise Edition is $149.95.

9. Direct FTP Client

FTP Clients for WordPress

Direct FTP Client for WordPress

Direct FTP is the paid version of Free FTP. It is one among FTP clients for WordPress that is a Windows-exclusive. The preview function lets you look at the changes you have made before finalising and saving them. The snippet library allows you store your favourite code snippets. Direct FTP is one of the best FTP with the image-editing functionality, and built-in text editor makes.

Features of Direct FTP Client:

  • Direct FTP has a built-in preview function.
  • Image editing functionality.
  • Get snippet library for storing your favourite code snippets.
  • Built-in HTML text editor, with auto-complete coding.

Platform Support: Windows.

Price: Paid version. It costs $39.

10. WS_FTP Professional FTP Client

FTP Clients for WordPress

WS_FTP Professional FTP Client for WordPress

WS_FTP Professional is yet another paid FTP clients for WordPress sites working on Windows operating system. It is a popular commercial FTP client that offers enterprise-grade security. It comes with powerful file search, drag and drops transfers, faster speeds, scheduled transfers, and much more advanced features.

Features of WS_FTP Professional FTP Client:

  • Provides SSH, and 256-bit AES, FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography.
  • It supports OpenPGP file encryption for file transfers.

Platform Support: Windows.

Price: Paid version. It costs $49.95.

Hope the article is helpful to you in providing information about FTP Clients for WordPress. Let us know from your comments in case of any queries. Thank you for reading the article.