Setup Anonymous FTP logins or Public FTP which let the public sign in into an FTP server.  Anonymous FTP is a service for those users who don’t need to identify themselves to the server while accessing the files. The primary intention of Anonymous FTP is to allow the unidentified visitors to download and possibly upload the files on your website. Anonymous FTP does not require a unique username and password to log in. In fact, any user can log in by providing the username as “anonymous” and their email address as the password. However, the particular anonymous user account accepts any string as the password and it need not be the email id only. There are some anonymous FTP services in which the password field can be left blank. In many cases, you won’t even be prompted to enter your name and password when you access anonymous FTP sites.

If you are planning to administer a larger number of files to the public then assigning FTP login id and passwords will an overload on the authority. Instead of doing so, you can prefer Anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP). There are 100’s and 1000’s of sites around the world allowing Public FTP logins as a service.

Anonymous FTP Logins

Anonymous FTP is a standard way in which one can access a server to view or download the files that are made available publicly. However, security is not considered to be a primary consideration while exchanging the files such as those like public downloads of documents. Anonymous FTP provides its users with restricted access to certain directories available on the system. The users are granted access even without having an account. By using the Archie system, the user can obtain a list of anonymous FTP sites and files that are available on each site.

In other words, archive sites allow general access to their archives of information. These sites will create a special account called “anonymous“. These Anonymous users have limited access rights to the archive host, as well as some operating restrictions. The anonymous user can perform operations like logging in using FTP, listing the contents of a limited set of directories, and retrieving the files. There are some sites which will limit the anonymous user in seeing the list of directory contents. Note that Anonymous users can only retrieve the files from archive sites and they are not usually allowed to transfer the files to that site.

Types of Anonymous Login:

There are two ways with which a user can log into anonymous FTP.

1. Truly Anonymous: One can log in via Truely Anonymous method if provided a dedicated IP. It requires the username as anonymous and any password of one or more characters. It gives access to the public_ftp folder.

2. Anonymous User: Anonymous User method doesn’t require any dedicated IP. Choose any of the usernames as or, and the password can be of one or more characters. The user is allowed to access the public_ftp folder anonymously and can upload to the public_ftp/incoming folder.

Requirements Before Setting Up Anonymous FTP Logins

  • With a Hatchling or Baby plan, you cannot use the anonymous FTP.
  • Purchase and receive a dedicated IP address for your cPanel before the start of Truly Anonymous FTP to work.
  • If you have a Business or reseller plan, then the Anonymous FTP users can view and download the files. If you want users to upload a file, then they must use the or as the username and can upload to the public_ftp/incoming folder.
  • Anonymous FTP users can perform operations such as viewing, editing, downloading, and uploading files provided if you have a VPS or dedicated plan.

Guide to Set Up Anonymous FTP Logins:

The most basics of setting up Anonymous FTP in any hosting provider. All the hosting provider use this method. It gives access to the files on the public_ftp folder. Allowing uninterrupted entry to its visitors to upload and download files on your site. Beware that the risk of using Anonymous FTP. It has got a very big security vacuum for hackers and kept mostly as the last option.

The best and recommended way to use is Creating FTP accounts with a user id and password, rather than using Anonymous FTP. Anyhow here let’s see how to Set up Anonymous FTP logins.

  1. Open your hosting provider and jump right into the Cpanel login.
  2. Scroll down or Search for Anonymous FTP icon.
  3. Regularly it will display these 3 Checkbox options.
    1. To facilitate anonymous FTP access. A preferable one is to give access to users to download the files
    2. To enable the upload from the user. The security risk factor on permitting upload is very high, so consider before doing so.
    3. A Welcome message for the connected users. It will help them to know about terms of conditions for download/upload of files.
  4. Here is a sample of how the anonymous logins look alike.Anonymous FTP LoginsAnonymous FTP Logins
  5. List of FTP sites that permit anonymous FTP logins.

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